Marriage Breakfast 2013

This past Saturday, close to 450 men and women gathered in the Victory Youth Building  to invest in their marriage at the first ever VCC Marriage Breakfast. It was a pleasant atmosphere filled with laughter and anticipation as they gathered to eat, fellowship and receive invaluable nuggets from the Word. The mouth-watering menu included delicious homemade wheat biscuits, organic eggs, deer/turkey and pork sausage, bacon and orange juice, coffee & tea. Other men and women of God with seasoned marriages shared on how to better improve and invest in their relationship with their spouse. Pastor and Mrs. Gool spoke briefly but other guest speakers included Noel and Inez Sanchez (who've been married the longest of the speakers - 55 years, to date),  Leroy and Peggy Thorns, Mrs. Carolyn Gilmore and Matthew and Sanchia Chapman.

One attendee said about the breakfast, "I noticed how they all seemed to speak about how communication was an important key in their married relationship...that's one of the things I walked away with".

Another attendee said, "I was really blessed by Mrs. Gilmore's exhortation. She spoke to the husbands saying 'if you help your wife with the children, homework and things around the house, you'll be rewarded for it, and you won't even have to ask. She shared about the differences between men and women and how most of the time when a woman is under stress, she naturally will look for someone to find to talk to. Sometimes, men are by nature more "macho" and have more difficulty communicating their feelings. She encouraged the men to confide in their wives - they are your wives, after all [your help meet]".

There were also fun "team building" games where each couple worked together to complete a variety of games to give them an opportunity to work together and to get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Several attendees noted how they were motivated to do introspection after each of the speakers. One seemed to be really be touched by Minister Thorns sharing early examples of her challenges in marriage. "I love how transparent she was!" She encouraged everyone to do their best not to compare themselves with their spouse in terms of where they were in their spiritual walks. "Every individual in a marriage is at a different place spiritually". Pray for and support your spouse and allow God to do a work in them.

We believe that God is doing and will continue to bless and do some great things in the marriages of all those that made a decision to "invest in their marriage".

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