VCC Health Fair a Success!

The annual VCC Health Fair took place on this past weekend in the Victory Youth Building grounds. The event kicked off at 7:30am with vendor presentations from key health professionals and experts. The attendees benefited from free health screenings on blood pressure, dental health, Height/Weight BMI and more! They also received helpful information from the panelists on a variety of topics ranging from Infared Thermal Imaging (thermography), Bemer Therapy, healthy eating and food preparation.

Young and old had an opportunity to exercise and build up their heart rate by participating in the long-anticipated Fun Run (or Walk), which was facilitated by Health and Fitness Instructors Darryl Douglas, Latrice Coleman and Gale Lyons. Fitness sessions were also held in the gymnasium for the ladies in attendance while the men took advantage of the weight room during the Health Fair.

There was a Nutrition panel was moderated by VCC Health & Fitness head, Dr. Michael Metcalf. The panel included naturapathic Dr. Kivette Parks, Dr. Darryl Robinson from the Department of Agriculture, Dr. Kat Wassung of The Charlotte Thermography Center and our very own Dr. Valeria Avery, Waunea Robinson, Mrs. Marilyn Gool and Mrs. Joi White.

In addition to helpful information shared on alternatives to mammograms, live food demos were also shared on preparing healthy smoothies, trail mix, salad/salad dressing and grilled fish. Some of the recipes are also shared below (click button). The event was wrapped up with scrumptious lunch prepared by Floodgates Catering; and, it ended with a helpful, open question and answer session, where the audience was able to ask questions of the nutrition panel.

We thank God that the event was a great success, and we are grateful for this platform
to be able to provide knowledge so that, with the help of the Lord, those in attendance
will endeavor to make healthy improvements to their physical health and daily lifestyles,
as a whole.