President Trump skips hosting Ramadan dinner at White House
Opponents are criticizing the president for not acknowledging Ramadan with an annual dinner. The current administration did not host a dinner normally held at the White House during the conclusion of the Islamic Holy month. The president was criticized for not hosting the dinner which has been held at the White House for almost 20 years. The president and First Lady issued a statement wishing those celebrating Ramadan warm greetings and asking participants to focus on charity and kinds acts of faith during the month. The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also refused to host a reception for Ramadan. The request was made by the State department’s office of Religion and Global affairs. We recently reported the Mecklenburg county council board approved recognition of Ramadan which runs from late May until the end of June. The board was criticized for not acknowledging holidays of other faiths mainly in the Christian and Jewish faiths. 


Christian World News:  US Supreme Court cases, Arkansas The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a church previously denied a public funding grant. Justices ruled in favor of Trinity Lutheran Church who sued after being denied a grant to help nonprofit groups. The money was part of a program to rebuild or improve playground surfaces. The church was denied the grant in Missouri; Missouri officials claimed giving the grant to the church would be a violation of church and state.



The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Jack Phillips owner of Masterpiece Cake shop in Denver, Colorado. The owner was fined after he refused to make wedding cakes for same sex couples citing his Christian beliefs. The bakery owner was fined, for discrimination. The case was appealed to Colorado courts who sided with the same-sex couples. Attorneys and supporters of Jack Phillips say the bakery owner has a history of being guided by his faith in his business and that the refusal did not occur simply because of discrimination as activists claim. (Phillips has previously refused to bake cakes with alcohol and is closed on Sundays due to his Christian beliefs) 

In Arkansas a statue of the Ten Commandments was destroyed after an activist drove his car into the monument. The statue has been a site of contention because activists want the statue removed claiming it violates separation of church and state laws. This recent statue was funded by private donations and allowed on the Arkansas state capitol grounds(the donations eliminated activist complaints of state funds paying for the monument). The suspect is charged with four separate charges including felony defacing an object of public interest.


Court rules in favor of North Carolina
The 4th circuit court is upholding a North Carolina law to protect magistrates based on religious beliefs. The state passed a magistrate recusal law which allows government employees to excuse themselves from same-sex marriage proceeding based on religious beliefs. Activists previously criticized the law claiming it gives employees the right to display prejudice based on religious beliefs. The 4th circuit court ruled in favor of the law citing no citizen of North Carolina has been harmed by the law which still allows same sex couples rights even if a magistrate or government employee refused to participate. The law is believed to be influenced by the controversy surrounding Kim Davis in Kentucky. Davis was arrested and sued in 2015 for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses base on her Christian faith.


SNBC Health report: the health benefits of cherries
Doctors at are encouraging people to consume cherries this summer because of the health benefits the fruit provides during its short season. Cherries provide 80 milligrams of vitamin C (U.S. daily recommendation allowance for men and women is between 75-90). Cherries offer vitamins A, C, K, manganese, potassium, copper; it is also a great source of and beta carotene. They are also known as an anti-inflammatory agent, and contains compounds that reduce migraines and contain natural melatonin which promotes healthy sleep. The cherry season only last from May-July; Researchers do advise not to over consume because of the high sugar content (keep in mind this is a natural sugar).
The fruit contains which is still better than processed, but should still be monitored.