Seeds of Victory is a ministry for all children ages 5-8 years of age. It is compromised of five teams; men and women who are dedicated to fulfilling the vision and goals of VCC. Our purpose is to demonstrate John 21:5 “Feed my lambs”. We minister God’s love to the children through the use of music, puppetry, skits and various forms of multimedia presentation every Sunday morning in the game room of the Victory Youth Building. Our aim is:

  • To give children knowledge and understanding
    of the scriptures
  • To teach the children who they are in Christ as described
    in God’s Word
  • To extend and minister salvation to those who are not Christians
  • To equip the children to go into their neighborhoods,
    schools, playgrounds, etc. and change the lives and circumstances of others by the Word of God
  • To teach the children how to pray and worship God in ways that are age appropriate yet consistent with our adult services
    consistent with scripture.