Young people today need a positive, productive and safe outlet to learn, grow, socialize, have fun, and use their gifts and talents for the Lord. Victory Youth Ministry is just that! Encourage your youth to get involved and enjoy the company of other Christian teens in a Godly environment.
Remember your Creator in the days of your youth. Ecclesiastes 12:1


Youth Sunday Night Bible Class

As our children progress through the Primary classes, we teach principles that provide a foundation for the development of sound Biblical doctrine. Our curriculum teaches your child the truth (Bible facts and principles) on their level with lots of fun and activities. We use skits, arts, crafts, and games. Prizes and refreshments are an extra incentive to encourage the children to study and learn God’s Word.
We look forward to communicating Biblical truths with your child that will enhance his/her spiritual growth and development. We appreciate the privilege of helping to train and teach the Word of God to your child!

Junior I (9 year olds)
Junior II (10 year olds)
Junior III (11 year olds)

Our Junior Bible classes are wonderful and so much fun! Our children have the same experiences that the adults have in their class—healing, prayer, salvation, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit - except it’s on a level they can understand. We learn basic Bible stories and lessons in a fun, exciting manner  and we explain how to apply these lessons and skills to their daily lives and routines.
We teach the books of the Bible, divisions of the Bible, obedience to parents and authority, making right choices, and much more. Bring your child and watch them grow as young men and women of God!

Youth I (12 year olds)
Youth II (13 year olds)
Youth III (14 -15 years old)
Teen Class (16 -18 Years old)

In the Youth Bible Classes, our students are exposed to basic Bible truths in order to enhance their walk with God. We use a combination of God’s Word, testimonies of past experiences, and recent national and world events to teach students practical Christian Living. They learn how to cope with peer pressure and troubles with school. We teach them about self-esteem, self identity, and issues with parents in a Biblical way.
Emphasis is placed on developing a personal and sincere relationship with God, knowing and understanding what they believe, why they believe, and how to articulate their godly beliefs, convictions and standards to others. We are committed to helping our youth grow to be successful young adults. We look forward to ministering to your youth in the near future!