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Thank you for desiring to become a part of Victory Christian Center.  I count it such an honor to have you a part of the team.  Together we accomplish so much more.  It's like the story of the 1st and 2nd place horses that pulled the most weight.  The horse that won 1st place pulled 400 lbs, the 2nd 300 lbs.  When they teamed up, they pulled more than 1600 lbs.  With all of us pulling together as one, we'll be able to do so much more for God.

I know that God has placed you here to help bring increase to the ministry.  How?  By your prayers, talents, abilities and resources being offered and used by God.  There is a definite place here at Victory for you.
Please prayerfully consider what area of ministry is for you.  After completing New Members Classes, please feel free to sign up for a particular area of ministry by dropping by the Courtesy Booth before or after services. As you know, every team member is important and has a role.
Know that you are important to God, to me, and every other member of this church.  You're important to our destiny.  With you, we’ll become better, bigger, and do so much more for the glory of God.

Again, thank you and welcome to the team.

In His Service,
Pastor Robyn Gool


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