US Department announces end of certain prejudice cases under Title IX
The US department of Education has announced they will not act on executive orders forcing transgender students into bathroom and locker rooms. The Education department announced the decision early last week. The announcement means that schools will not be forced to allow students to enter bathrooms based on their gender identity. The department will now turn away complaints about these particular cases. President Obama previously enforced the order through Education secretary Betsy DeVos. The Trump administration reversed the order and has not discussed furthers details on how they will handle future cases. The order was mainly based on Title IX which protects citizens based on sex, religion, and race. A spokesperson from the department of education says the law was previously used to claim prejudice against transgender students. The spokesperson says the law as never meant to be used in this manner.



Man claims miracle oil from Bible
A man in Georgia is reporting a miracle that began last year and is now going viral across the internet. Jerry Pierce says that his Bible began to produce oil following a series or extended time in prayer with his wife Joyce. Pierce says in January of last year he noticed a wet spot on the Bible and noticed the spot begin to grow. Jerry then says he noticed the spot was not water, but oil. Pierce placed the Bible in a bag after the oil did not cease. The oil continued collecting in the bag until Pierce says he was instructed to give the oil away. Now being kept in a large container, the Bible has continued to produce oil; the couple says that they have given away over 90-thousand vials or oil. Pierce says that God has continued to instruct to give the oil away so more can be produced and given away; several people have reported miracles and healing as a result of receiving the oil.  The oil was sent away to be tested by an investigative journalist. The results to the lab reveal the oil closest match is mineral oil, but has a pure clear appearance, no order, and has ingredients normally not in mineral oil. The oil is also 94.34 percent match for the highest form of mineral oil. Jerry says that he will keep giving away the oil as long as the Bible keeps producing it. (Side note about this story; the Bible according to scientists should have dissolved within weeks because of the oil on the paper of the Bible. The Bible is still in perfect condition). 



US NEWS: Walgreens, Hickory, NC, View Co-hosts backtrack
US News:
Walgreens has announced a new policy allowing customers to enter the restroom of their gender identity. A recent company letter states Walgreens is changing its policy in order for its policies to correspond with a person’s gender identity regardless of the sex they were, “assigned at birth.” The company says the policy change stems from a woman who was mistaken for a man and denied entry to a women’s restroom in one of their stores. The American Family Association is asking supporters to sign a petition and call Walgreens corporate offices to have the policy reversed. The Family Research Council criticized the decision calling it a dangerous precedent; Walgreens has over 8-thousand stores.


pepper spray scene.jpg

In Hickory, North Carolina a woman is recovering after being attacked by another driver after telling the woman to have a blessed day. The victim who asked not to be identified was in traffic when she says the assailant began to verbally attack her screaming and swearing at the victim. The woman says that she responded by telling the attacker to have a blessed day. The assailant then responded by pepper spraying the victim. Police officers were called to the scene and treated the woman who was attacked. Authorities say cameras are recording the area and they are currently looking for the woman’s attacker.


view v pence.jpg

The Co-hosts of ‘The View’ are backtracking comments made about Vice President Mike Pence.  The co-hosts criticized the Vice President after a former employee at the White House says the Vice President talks to Jesus and hears from Him. The co-hosts then joked that anyone who hears from Jesus has a form of mental illness. Critics including the Vice President criticized the women for being tolerant only to liberals and insulting millions of Christians in the U.S. The co-host that made the comment Joy Behar says it was only a joke and she is a Christian; other panelists also claimed they are not prejudice towards conservatives or Christians. (Panelist Meghan McCain, considered the conservative on the panel was the only panelist that profusely apologized for the comments and says that her family and her husband's family were very upset by the comments made).



 SNBC Health News; Bone Broth and its health benefits.
If you’re interested in better gut health, the benefits of Bone Broth may peak your interest. According to, bone broth has been used to remedy colds and the flu and contains valuable nutrients the body can easily absorb and use.  Ingesting Bone Broth acts like a soothing balm to heal and seal your gut lining. 
In addition to a healthier gut, Bone Broth is linked to: reducing joint pain, fighting inflammation, promoting strong bones and healthy hair growth.  It is recommended to drink one cup of bone broth daily for benefits. Leaky gut is the root of health problems like allergies, autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders like autism and ADHD.  Leaky gut is a gateway for partially undigested food, toxins, viruses yeast and bacteria to pass through the intestine and access your blood stream.  The cells damaged in this process are unable to process and utilize the nutrients and enzymes vital for proper digestion. 





President Trump at National Prayer Breakfast 2018

President Trump at National Prayer Breakfast 2018

President speaks at National Prayer Breakfast
The president was one of the keynote speakers at the annual National prayer breakfast. The event now in its 66th year hosts people from around the world and around the US in a day filled with meetings and luncheons starting with the prayer breakfast. Over 3-thousand people gathered to hear the president’s speech. President Trump said during the event, “Our rights are not given to us by man. Our rights come from our Creator. No matter what, no earthly force can take those rights away, …When Americans are able to live by their convictions, to speak openly of their faith and to teach their children what is right, our families thrive, our communities flourish, and our nation can achieve anything at all," . Congressman Steve Scalise was another keynote speaker at the Breakfast. The Congressman spoke about his experience surviving an attack last year. The congressman was wounded in failed attack on GOP representatives during practice for an annual government softball game.  Scalise gave God praise for his survival and says that his faith defines who he is as a person. The day’s events closed with a special guest speaker (NFL and Super Bowl Champion Carson Wentz) at the dinner event which was closed to the media. The National Prayer Breakfast started in 1953 under President Dwight Eisenhower.



President of Guatemala honored in Israel
The president of Guatemala was honored in Israel recently for his decision to move the country’s embassy to Jerusalem. Guatemala was the second country behind the U.S. to announce moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The president and other government leaders in Guatemala say the decision did not come without prayer and a desire to follow Christ in all choices. The ceremony took place in Israel; officials presented President Jimmy Morales with the Israel Allies Foundation Award. During the ceremony officials prayed for the president and the nation of Guatemala. The announcement of the embassy’s move was controversial because other world leaders claim the decision will hamper the peace process. Palestinian leaders want Jerusalem as their capital for a potential new nation. More leaders are expected to follow the U.S. and Guatemala in moving their embassies; the U.S. is expected to move the U.S. embassy in 2019.



California judge rules in favor of Christian baker
A California judge has ruled in favor of a baker in a discrimination case. A same-sex couple sued baker Cathy Miller after she refused to bake a cake for their upcoming wedding. The couple contacted California’s Department of Fair Housing which handles all cases of discrimination. The judge in the case ruled that Miller could refuse service because of her faith. According to the justice it would only be a case of discrimination if the product had been produced. Judge David Lampe said in his ruling a person cannot be forced to use their artistic talents to express creativity for an event they do not believe in based on personal beliefs. Lampe said that if the cake had been produced and was on display in the baker’s shop and Miller refused to sell it to the women, then it would be considered discrimination. The California Department of Fair Housing was seeking the baker be forced to bake the cake or be banned from selling wedding cakes. The case is a major win in California state courts which has been known to be liberal in their rulings. The case may also have a strong influence on the case of a baker in Denver which is now being decided on by the Supreme Court. The baker in Colorado Jack Phillips has lost a major portion of his income after he refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake; the Colorado administration in the case banned Phillips from making weddings cakes for any customers.



SNBC Health News; boosting immunity naturally
The news has been flooded recently with cases of people dealing with illnesses and warnings for people to protect themselves through medicine. According to most nutrition experts the best way to build your immune system is through food. Here are some examples of foods that provide nutrients that help improve the body’s immune system. Vitamin A found in carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens helps lower the risk of infection. Vitamin A helps with healing through collagen strength. Vitamin D found in salmon, raw milk from grass fed cows, exposure to the sun and organic eggs helps build immunity. Fiber, vitamin b, c, and k are all found naturally in various fruits and vegetables and helps build immunity naturally. When researching the benefits of whole foods remember that most have multiple nutrients so you may be able to get most of the nutrients named in this report from just a few items or from several sources.






Charter school transitions from Christian to public school charter
A charter school that previously identified as a Christian school is now changing to a public school charter. Mountain Island Day Community Charter School (formally Mountain Island Day) is now changing its school format to allow a public school charter located in North Charlotte. The schools’ founders Tom and Tammy Winstead say the school can still teach the main principles of the Bible without being Christian in name. The couple claims they have experienced most Christian schools as heavy on religion and light on education. Mr. Winstead says the students will still be taught all the things they have been taught before…just without the Biblical perspective. The transition from private Christian school to public is believed to be the first of its kind in North Carolina. The transition will give the school access to more money. Previously the school’s founders talked about the growing financial strain on the school as part of their decision to change to a public charter. The school will now receive about three million dollars in public school funding and must remove the majority of all religious symbols and curriculum from the school. If more applicants apply than the school has space the school will devise a lottery system to select students; the lottery means that some of the current students may not be allowed to return if a lottery system is used. SNBC NEWS did call to speak with a representative from Mountain Island Day Community Charter School. The person on the phone informed the SNBC NEWS reporter that the person with the most knowledge on the transition was out of town; SNBC NEWS is still trying to confirm information obtained from the article about the transition in the Charlotte Observer. If you know anyone whose child currently attends and would like to give more information on this story please contact SNBC NEWS at with more information.



SNBC NEWS update: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s final crusade
 The final farewell crusade for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has been reported as an enormous success.  Bonnke announced earlier in 2017 that he was stepping down as leader of the ministry Christ for the Nations. The evangelist’s final crusade for the ministry was held in Nigeria in November of last year. The ministry reports over 800-thousand people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior during the final crusade. Christ for the Nations organizers have made sure all new converts have been given the names of eight thousand participating churches across Nigeria in order to help these new converts to Christianity find a church home. Pastors are reporting across the nation new church members in the thousands (most who received Christ at this recent crusade). Bonnke says that he will still preach the gospel and plans to minister in parts of Europe. Christ for the Nations’ ministry will now be under the leadership of the current CEO Daniel Kolenda. The ministry reports 77 million people (and counting) have accepted Christ as their Savior through the ministry since its founding in 1974.


Dr. Ben Carson.jpg

Dr. Ben Carson speaks out about lawsuit for attending Bible Study
The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson is standing his ground following a lawsuit by two atheist organizations. The organizations Freedom from Religion Foundation and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington recently filed a lawsuit against HUD over the secretary’s attendance of a weekly Bible study. Dr. Carson along with others in the Trump administration attend a weekly cabinet Bible study led by Ralph Drollinger, the founder of Capitol Ministries. The atheist organizations claim the attendance is an attempt to coerce staff members to attend and is using taxpayer dollars to fund the religious event. Carson on his Facebook page says he will not be intimidated by these groups and taxpayer dollars in no way are being used for the Bible Study. Dr. Carson went onto say that he has religious freedom protected by the Constitution and will not stop being a Christian to serve his country. Carson followed the statement by saying it is his faith that helps him serve the nation better.  



SNBC Health News; adding more healthy items to everyday salads
According to recent reports Salad is a great way to add more greens in your diet.  Greens such as Romaine lettuce, Arugula, Spinach & Kale are growing in popularity as salad choices. Adding an additional plant to this mix may also show health benefits. Nutritionists report adding watercress to your salad mix may also help with getting more health benefits in your salad.  According to, watercress is packed with Vitamin C and is closely related to mustard greens, cabbage and arugula.  Watercress is a diuretic that has anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits.  It has been known to benefit those challenged by arthritis and helps with eczema.  Watercress contains 15 vitamins and mineral, has more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, and more vitamin c than an orange. It helps with colds, coughs, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, and liver disease. Watercress is reported to help to heal cuts and bruises. If using in a salad or cooking watercress be sure to soak this vegetable in a solution to clean it well prior to consuming.






CMS board approves of pro-LGBTQ policy for schools
A volatile and tense meeting this week led to a controversial decision by the CMS board. The CMS board was debating whether to approve of a measure that would add a revised multiculturalism policy to CMS rules. The new policy weighs heavily on LGBT policies including protections for students in schools. Parents, community leaders, and protested the policy saying it will force an agenda on students. Certain board members including Carol Sawyer were also accused of an alternative agenda for their support of the policy by reaching out to LGBT groups in the city of Charlotte. Sawyer reached out to MeckPAC asking for the groups’ support concerning the policy (a move that was later exposed by North Carolina Values Coalition). Two people including activist Rev. Flip Benham left or were removed after they vocalized protest to comparisons of the LGBT group to prejudice against other races and religions. In the end the measure was passed 7-2 by the CMS board.  The policy is expected to be implementing in the fall of 2018 in CMS schools. CMS superintendent Clayton Wilcox and his staff are expected to find ways to enforce the policy in CMS schools.


Woman marries a ghost in Ireland
A woman in Ireland claims that she is married to a ghost. The woman Amanda Teague says that her “husband” was the inspiration behind the movie franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  (she claims her "husband" looks like the main character Jack Sparrow; a claim producers for the film franchise have denied. Teague says that the ghost revealed itself to her because of her obsession with the movie franchise. (Teague also works a female impersonator of the character Jack Sparrow)
She says that the 300 year old ghost is a Haitian pirate that helped free slaves and was later executed for it. The woman claims to have a normal relationship with her husband and had a wedding ceremony with several guests wishing the couple well. The law in Ireland does not permit the marriage of a person to someone who is deceased; however Teague says that her attorneys found a way for the law to be bypassed. Teague says her husband gave his consent for the marriage through a medium. The bizarre case is the latest in several cases where people have protested the rights to marry following the approval of same-sex marriage in several countries. Most plaintiffs in these cases have cited the rights for “all people to marry who they love.” Cases have included a man in India marrying a dog, several women marrying themselves, and three people in the Netherlands petitioning to marry each other.


swedish flag.jpg

In US and World News:  Sweden, New Zealand, Israel
Swedish officials
are looking to strengthen women’s rights in terms of abortions. According to a Swedish news website the policies are being headed by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and supported by the Prime Minister. The initiative called “She decides” was enacted after President Trump announced financial restrictions to organizations that provide abortions and abortion services. Swedish officials are also meeting with other countries concerning the initiative which started in 2017.   



In New Zealand the nation’s youngest Prime Minister in 100 years has announced she is expecting a baby with her partner. The 37 year old Jacinda Ardern says that she still does not have plans to marry her boyfriend of several years, but actually likes that fact that they are “doing everything backwards”. Conservatives criticized the prime minister’s actions as backwards noting the moral decline towards marriage and the family. Others believe her focus will no longer be on the nation. Ardern says that her boyfriend a popular TV host in the nation will be a stay at home dad when the baby is born in June.


In Israel Vice President Mike Pence visited historic sites in the country and continued to insist on the U.S. commitment to peace talks. Pence speaking to reporters while on tour, says the president is very open to beginning talks again between Palestinians and Israeli officials. Pence says the U.S. wants to continue to move forward in the peace talks, despite recent protests by Palestinian officials. Palestinians’ and other Middle East leaders have protested the announcement of the US embassy moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Palestine wants Jerusalem as capital of its own nation; the decision by the US supports Israel keeping the city as its capital. The US embassy is expected to move near the end of 2019.


mountain water.jpg

SNBC Health News; determining what water is best for you When it comes to water, there is more to consider than tap water and bottled water.  Most tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that can adversely affect your health.  According to, hazardous elements that have been found in tap water include: Arsenic, Aluminum, and Fluoride.  Arsenic is a carcinogen linked to the development of cancer.  Aluminum increases risk for Alzheimer’s disease and has been linked to learning disabilities in children, gastrointestinal disease and skin problems.  Fluoride is a well-known toxin that leads to an increased risk of cavities and weakens immune systems. (Usually caused by overexposure to Fluoride usage)  Consumers should be mindful of all water sources even if it is bottled.  40% of bottled water is tap water. When making your water choice, mountain spring water is a good selection because it is considered living water.  Consumers can also look into options such as filters for your faucet and pitchers such as Brita and Zero pitchers. (Mountain spring sources can be found at







President address March of Dimes Rally in D.C.
President Trump addressed the March of Dimes this weekend. The address was via satellite as part of the group’s annual March for Life. President Trump is the third sitting president to address the group. President Regan and President George W. Bush addressed the group during their administration. Last year the president sent Vice President Mike Pence to address the group just days after his inauguration.  The White House press secretary says that the president further wants to confirm his commitment to protecting the unborn and was excited to be a part of the historic event. The pro-life rally is one of the largest in the U.S. The president has promised to eventually overturn Roe vs. Wade and allow each state to make their own decisions concerning abortions. President Trump has also committed to ending federal funding to groups like Planned Parenthood.   



Latin American country bans witnessing the Gospel Christians in the country of Bolivia are requesting prayer from Christians around the world. The nation’s government recently passed a law that bans witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others in all forms. The law restricts people from evangelizing in the streets, inviting people to religious temples, events, facilities in public or in their own private residences. The law legally compares evangelizing to a form of “human trafficking”. People convicted under this new law could face up to 12 years in jail. Bolivia is the first nation in Latin America to pass such a law. The majority of Bolivia’s citizens identify as Catholic or Protestant Christians (Catholics being 77 percent and Protestants at 16 percent of the population).  The government also recently abolished laws that allow the current president to stay in office indefinitely.
(The Bolivian Government identifies itself as an atheist and socialist government).



Poll finds more people in the UK are turning to prayer
A recent poll in the UK shows more and more people in that nation are praying again. The study found that roughly one in five adults in the nation pray despite claiming to be non-religious.   71 percent of those people report praying for family at the top of their list followed by thanking God for a blessing or praying for the healing of a loved one. Experts and clergy in the UK report the poll published in the Guardian reflects people acknowledgement of God. Despite people’s claims one clergy interviewed says everyone has prayed to God and they are acknowledging the fact that there is more to life than just their daily perspective/outlook.



SNBC Health News: essential oils and hypertension According to, an increasing number of drugs have been developed in the past decade to control blood pressure, but they come with a laundry list of side effects and negative health problems of their own.  When blood pressure is not controlled, it may lead to other health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.  It is reported that more than 1 billion people suffer from hypertension globally and this number has doubled in the last decade.  By using natural options to address hypertension and any underlying medical condition you may be able to reduce dependence on medication.  A natural alternative to taking a pill for hypertension is plant based oils, known as essential oils.  Although there are several essential oils that have an effect on blood pressure, researchers have reported a reduction in blood pressure and cortisol secretion when using a blend of lavender, ylang-ylang, neroli and marjoram.  Essential oils can be diffused or inhaled for up to one hour. Experts recommend limiting an inhalation method for no longer than one hour to reduce the potential for negative side effects from over exposure.

A complete list of essential oils that help naturally with hypertension: we will have a complete list including the effects of each oil is listed below:  

This refreshing oil is often used in cosmetics for the scent, but research finds it also helps reduce your blood pressure and may reduce your anxiety and improves your mood.

Clary Sage
This oil has been shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic measurements, reduce your respiratory rate and decrease symptoms of stress and depression.

The scent of red rose has a calming effect on your brain and has demonstrated an anti-anxiety and antidepressant effect, both of which affect your blood pressure.

Since ancient Egypt, frankincense has been used medicinally to reduce stress and promote peace of mind.

This oil retards hardening of the arteries, which raises blood pressure. The oil also helps regulate the cardiovascular system.

This oil comes from a small tree, known for use in trauma and shock to reduce breathing and heart rate. It is anti-depressant, relieves anxiety and helps control blood pressure.

Lemon Balm
Low doses of the extract may reduce ischemic injury to the heart but higher doses increased the risk in an animal model. Further research is needed to determine a protective effect in a cardiac event. However, inhalation may protect against palpitations and heart attack and may reduce blood pressure.

Lavender may be effective in treatment of neurological disorders, including anxiety, and acts as a mood stabilizer and sedative, all of which have a positive effect on your blood pressure.