1 Corinthians 13:7c Amplified Version

….. its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening].

Can you imagine that God gave man another chance after the flood? He forgave the Israelites time and time again in the wilderness and waited 40 years to get a group in the Promised Land. Then they constantly strayed away and opened up the door for their enemies to put them in bondage. God was merciful and brought them deliverance through the period of the judges. He patiently endured their constant backslidings through the period of the kings until they were taken into captivity. Then He visited them while they were in captivity. He sent Jesus to preach the good news of the Kingdom to them.  After many rejected Him, He continued to reach out to them through the disciples of Christ, many of whom became martyrs for the cause. We can observe how God is still working on behalf of Israel, doing miraculous things for them. He brought them back to the Promised Land and delivered them supernaturally in 2 wars that were started to expel them from the Holy Land. Despite the fact that they are greatly outnumbered by their enemies, the tiny state of Israel is invincible because God has not given up on them. He still has a plan for the nation. The plan of God for the church of Jesus Christ is still in place despite all of our shortcomings and the foolishness we have done over the years. His hope is fadeless. Although we have disappointed Him many times, His resolve to give us hope and a future has not been weakened. He is still determined to bless us and bring us to eternal victory. What great love!