1 Corinthians 13:13 Amplified Version  

And so faith, hope, love abide [faith—conviction and belief respecting man’s relation to God and divine things; hope—joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation; love—true affection for God and man, growing out of God’s love for and in us], these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Paul said that faith, hope and love remain. You cannot delete these three. However, the greatest of the three is love. Why? Love is the mother of the other two. It is because of love that we have faith. It is because of love that we have hope. The love of God reached out to us and caused Him to put His faith in us. We have faith in Him because we believe He loves us. Because we know He loves us we have hope that He will do all He promised. When faith gives substance to our hope we see a manifestation of the love of God in our lives. We can celebrate all the good things about God but above all we need to celebrate the fact that He loves us and His love has been placed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

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