John 15:12 NKJV
This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

It is hard to imagine how we could love one another the same way Jesus loved us. It is only through Him that we can do that. Human love is on a lower level than divine love. In order for us to love the way Jesus loved, we must live in the spirit. We must walk by faith and not by our natural senses. We must allow ourselves to be filled with the Lord until we decrease sufficiently to allow Him to take over our thoughts. Actually we want His thoughts to become ours, His ways to become our ways. We want to be like Him without thinking about it. When we hang around someone a lot, we begin to act like them. We pick up things unconsciously. After living with my mother for years, I hear people say how much I am like her. My children smile or laugh and call me "Grammy" - the name given to my mother. They are simply saying that I do certain things so much like her until I remind them of her. When I look back in my life as a child, I can see that I spent more time with my mother than some of my siblings. I was closer to her. I helped her hang out clothes. I liked to help her clean the kitchen. I would sing with her. I entertained her sometimes when she was working in the kitchen - imitating different accents from around the world. So as I grew up, there are certain things that I picked up without intending to do it. That lets me know how I can become more like God. I need to hang around Him more - spend time fellowshipping with Him, entertaining Him - blessing Him with my talents, admiring Him and so on. I'm sure He will rub off on me like my mother rubbed off on me and I will find myself doing things just like Him including loving others as He does.

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