As I ponder what I am going to post very soon, I am concerned that you grasp the urgency of the subject. As we watch the serious moral decline in our country, it is sad to watch what began as an attempt to brainwash our society into accepting what they once rejected turn into an actual bullying. Those who once overused the word "tolerance" are completely intolerant of anyone who will not bow down and accept their demands. It reminds me of the scene in Genesis 19:4-11 when the men of Sodom would not be satisfied until they could force their way on those who did not agree with them. I believe few are aware of what is on the horizon. The preview is ugly and we desperately need to pursue a closer relationship with God. He needs to hear from us and we need to hear from Him. So I encourage you to take your time as you read and think about the blogs about prayer coming soon. 

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