2 Kings 9:3 NKJV

Then take the flask of oil, and pour it on his head, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord: “I have anointed you king over Israel.”’ Then open the door and flee, and do not delay.”

Elisha sent a young prophet to anoint someone to be king over Israel. This was a pattern we can see when God selected someone to be a king. They were anointed for the position. Since God the Son has made us kings unto God, I assume we are anointed to fill that role. I pray that God will give us a revelation of the anointing we have to walk in the shoes of a king. Although God anointed many kings, few of them fulfilled the plan of God for their lives because they did not follow Him wholeheartedly. Some even forsook Him and followed other gods or chased after self-gratification. May we become conscious of our calling and the anointing that goes with it so that we may function as the kind of royalty God had in mind.

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