2 Kings 18:33 NKJV

Has any of the gods of the nations at all delivered its land from the hand of the king of Assyria?

The king of Assyria sent threatening messages to the Jews and King Hezekiah. He suggested that they surrender to him and not trust in the Lord to deliver them from his hand. To scare them he pointed out that the gods of other nations failed to deliver those who prayed to them from  the hand of the king of Assyria. However, King Hezekiah recognized that the gods of other nations were not real gods. He knew that the God he served was the one true God and was able to deliver him and his people. As kings of the Lord we must realize the devil has his kings who know how to spout out from their mouths and try to intimidate us. We must do as Hezekiah did and turn to our God for help, believing that no weapon formed against us can prosper and the greater One is inside of us. The Lord is on our side. We need not be afraid of what a king from the kingdom of darkness can do to us. Let us give thanks now to the Lord who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.

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