December 25 is not the actual day Jesus was born. Christmas was started to replace a pagan festival. It is not required by scripture. However, all over the world December is a time when the whole world is forced to think about Jesus. Because of how powerful He is, many who hate Him do what they can to take attention away from Him. As Christians, we don't need to help them. Although we don't have to do anything, it is good to take advantage of the time - to buy the opportunity to tell the story of the Savior of the world while we have the world's attention. Christmas is all year long for us, but since some people are more open to hearing about Jesus this time of the year, let's take advantage of the opportunities we have to share the gospel and the love of God. Putting emphasis on whether or not we should or should not celebrate Christmas does not help anyone. We definitely will not win the world playing "Scrooge." So, while the celebrations are going on, let's spread the news about Jesus wherever we can. John 3:16 is what is all about. So, to Candy and all my friends out there, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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