Ezekiel 8:12 NKJV

Then He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the room of his idols? For they say, ‘The Lord does not see us, the Lord has forsaken the land.’”

The prophet Ezekiel was shown a vision by God. People were doing wicked things and saying that the Lord didn’t see them. One of the things we have to realize about the unseen realm is that beings in that realm can see us. It should be comforting to us when we know we are doing our best to do what is right. Then we don’t have to be afraid of God watching us. We cannot hide from Him. That knowledge should help us to make right choices. However, it should also help us draw closer to God. James 4:8 tells us to draw near to God and He will draw near to us. When we think about drawing near to God, it is easier if we realize He is not that far away. He is close enough to see everything we are doing. Getting close to the Lord is not a physical thing we do, it is spiritual. To get close to God, we must make our time with Him personal, not just official and formal. We can’t just repeat memorized prayers to God and expect to get close to Him. We have to talk to Him just like we would talk to a friend that is in the room with us. We have to engage in small talk and share our joys, sorrows, challenges, excitement, and admiration for Him as a Father, friend, Comforter, etc. It helps when we realize the unseen realm where God is happens to be so close that He can observe all we are doing.

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