Ephesians 5:1 NKJV

Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. 

How can we imitate God walking in the natural realm, doing everything by our physical senses? Is that how God operates? Absolutely not! He created this world by the spoken word. His Word caused a supernatural power to go into effect and form all the things He had the blue print for. The blue print was within Himself. God told Abraham he had made Abraham a father of nations when he only had one son by Sarah’s maid. God named Isaac whom He prophesied would be born to Sarah before Sarah became pregnant. God is definitely not limited by what can be perceived by the physical senses. He is not limited by what can be understood by the natural mind. If we are going to imitate God, we will have to take the limits of this natural realm off ourselves, and learn to operate in the unseen realm where God functions. It is a faith life. May our words and actions demonstrate a real faith in a real God until He can look at us and say, “Like Father, like son! Like Father, like daughter!”