I will begin to share some things I learned through dreams and other spiritual experiences. When you have a similar occurence, you should seek God for understanding. If you do, you are more likely to get more. Keep in mind that God will not contradict His Word, so everything must line up with the Scripture.

I had a dream October 8, 2018. Someone was telling me that they were going to put their son who had already graduated from Christian School in a public high school for a year because they heard he would get a better education if he finished high school there. Then they wanted him to go to a prestigious university and get a degree from there. I argued about how they would be exposing him to things unnecessarily, jeopardizing his spiritual well-being. I talked about all the negative things going on at college campuses today and explained that if my child did not need a college degree, I would not send them to college. Also, I would recommend finishing school on line to avoid the atmosphere. The person insisted that they were going to send the child to public high school and university because they wanted him to have the best education and a degree from a prestigious place even though they did not need a degree to do what they were destined to do in life.

This dream had several themes. Some I understood myself and others, I got after discussing it with my daughter who has experience in dreams, etc. The things we saw that we should stay away from are pride, wrong priorities, lack of concern about spiritual things, false identity, false view of success, false security and poor stewardship. We will begin to examine these one by one in our upcoming posts.