The night of November 29, I dreamt that a young man who had a miraculous recovery said he had contacted a gang to bring retribution on the person responsible for his accident. The gang agreed to do it. I gave him a strong warning that what he did could come back to haunt him. I asked him to think about what he would do if the gang came to collect from him. He looked as if he had not thought about that. He looked like he just thought he was finished with them after they agreed to mete out vengeance on his behalf.

This dream revealed how foolish people can be when God shows mercy on them. Instead of focusing on the goodness of God and expressing gratitude to Him, they look for how they can punish the person the enemy used to hurt them. If in the court of Heaven we had to suffer punishment for everything we did wrong, we would not survive. When we receive mercy from God, we must show mercy to others as Jesus taught us, and leave vengeance to God. Furthermore, we must never seek help from wicked people. The devil might “help” you but it will come with a price you may not want to pay or even be able to pay.

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