In the 2nd part of the dream, Robyn had left the suite and I was going to use the bathroom. One bathroom was close to the entrance/exit which had glass doors that led to a hallway. I noticed 2 men inside the suite, just past the entrance. One was seated while the other was standing and on the phone. I started to walk away and go to the other bathroom. Then I told myself I shouldn’t be doing that. I should make the men aware that they were in the wrong room and tell them to leave, then use the bathroom I intended to use. I turned around and approached the men and said, “Excuse me, sir.” I could not see the end of the dream because, while saying “Excuse me, sir” I spoke aloud in reality and woke myself up with those words.

Ephesians 4:27 NKJV says, “nor give place to the devil.“ I realized that this part of the dream was revealing to me that I needed to tighten up in my “zero tolerance” of evil. I was about to inconvenience myself to accommodate an intruder. That does not make sense. Not long after that, I felt a new pain in my body and responded by saying something like, “Excuse me. You have the wrong address.” Instead of adjusting to what the enemy brings, we must be aware that whatever does not belong in our lives is trespassing. Then we must not accommodate it, but cause it to evacuate from our territory.

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