Job 24:19 NKJV

As drought and heat consume the snow waters, So the grave consumes those who have sinned.

As Job spoke about the plight of sinners, he used for example the drought and heat consuming water. If we experience a natural drought the only thing that would save us from suffering the damaging effects would be stored up water that could be used while we await the end of the drought. A back up water supply will help when the normal water supply is unavailable.

Spiritual parallel:  The heat of life uses up the spiritual waters we have taken in. We cannot live today off of yesterday's watering. We need a constant supply to handle the constant challenges we face. Living in the world exposes us to heat. We face persecution and other types of adversities without looking for them. It is good to take in extra water sometimes to build up reserves for times when we may not have the ability to get much water. For example, a pregnant woman needs to stock up in the latter stages of her pregnancy to help her when she has a drought after giving birth. It may be days or weeks before she can begin to catch up with prayer and Bible study. It will be years before she can return to what it was like before children came along. So she will need to be creative when it comes to getting sufficient water even after she recovers from the birthing process. A pregnant woman who prepares properly will not have postpartum blues. This principle applies to anyone dealing with situations that require coping with the stress of trying to recover from trauma or extreme circumstances. We must take advantage of times to take in extra water. It will help us during the times when the opportunities may be scarce.

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