Isaiah 21:14 NKJV

O inhabitants of the land of Tema, Bring water to him who is thirsty; With their bread they met him who fled.

 As Isaiah prophesied to Arabia, his words included "Bring water to him who is thirsty." There is a difference between bringing water to someone just to offer him something to drink and bringing water to someone who is thirsty. The one who is not thirsty may take a little sip here and there, but a thirsty person will put the vessel to his lips and not put it down until he is finished or needs to pause to breathe.

 Spiritual parallel:  We need to look at our spiritual drinking habits to determine when we need to pray about our thirst level. We long for the Word and the Spirit when we are thirsty. We are not satisfied with just a sip. We look for a way to put spiritual water to our lips and not pause until we need to catch our breath or we cannot take anymore. In addition to praying about it, we can also drink more on purpose. Just as drinking more will increase our desire for water in the natural, drinking more spiritually will increase our desire for spiritual water.

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