I woke up recently and while sitting on the edge of my bed I heard in my spirit a song I learned as a child. There are different versions of it but here is what I heard:

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout

Here is my handle. Here is my spout.

When the tea is ready, hear me shout.

Pick me up and pour me out.”

Because I learned about mysteries of the kingdom, I did not dismiss it as just a funny thing happening to me. Instead I wrote it down and searched for the significance of why it came to my spirit. Here is what I got:

1.   We are vessels the Lord works through. (A teapot is a vessel. In this case we are talking about a tea kettle.)

2.   He made us capable of fulfilling our divine purpose. (The teapot is designed with a handle and a spout because of what it has to do.)

3.   He works with us to make us ready for our assignment. (The teapot stays on the stove until the water is boiling.)

4.   When we are ready there will be signs indicating that. (When the water is ready and the pot whistles as the steam comes out.)

5.   When we are ready, God will pour us out to meet the needs he ordained us to meet. (The teapot is picked up and poured out into the cups of those it is intended to bless.)

This helped me a lot over the next several days. I came into different situations where I was called on to do what I never did before, or had to ask someone to do something they had never done before. Each time, the teapot song reminded me that God had prepared us to do whatever we were ordained to do. We are vessels He works through. We just have to let Him have His way and use us to bless others. It gave me confidence and peace in the midst of the challenges. I was changed from one level of glory to another..

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