John 5:5-9 NKJV

Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?”

The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.”

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked.

I don’t know how long this man had been hanging around the pool but it sounds like he had been there more than one day. In addition to that. it sounds like he had not given up yet. He complained that he didn’t have help to get in the pool at the right time but he was still there waiting. Sometimes, we can feel like we don’t have what it takes to get what we need from God. We can feel like our faith is not strong enough. We can feel like we can’t get where we need to be for different reasons. However, let’s learn something important from this man who hung around the pool of Bethesda. As long as he was there, there was a possibility he could get what he needed. One day, that possibility became a reality when Jesus met him where he was and mercy helped him into the pool of God’s grace. We may not have all it takes, but let us continue to stay in a place where God’s presence lives, where the Lord can touch us and manifest His glory in our lives. Let’s stay in prayer, in praise and continue to speak God’s Word. Let’s stay in a church where people believe in miracles. God is so good, His mercy may meet us where we are and pull us up to where we need to be so we can experience the wonder of His grace and give Him the glory.