WELCOME to the newest Interest Group at Victory! The VCC Health Interest Group (HIG) was formed to organize information about natural ways to deal with health issues, compile/post testimonies and experiences; make information available to all interested members; assist HIG members in pursuing health goals by means of prayer and educational material and reach out to those in need. Information shared is not intended to substitute for the care of your personal physician.  You are responsible to check with your doctor before making changes that affect your health.

PLEASE NOTE: While all stories have been submitted from real people, the names have been altered to protect each individual's privacy. The accounts have not been verified.


Jan had leg cramps at night she prayed about it and had a dream and was told that she had a mineral deficiency after investigating and a visit to the doctor she discovered she had a calcium and magnesium deficiency.  She is now taking the supplements and using a magnesium oil. She has no more cramps.


SHONDA: She experienced success when she learned how to combine foods for better digestion and weight loss.

Mrs. Gool: When God tells you to do something we are to do it.


TIMOTHY: Lead by the Holy Spirit and Study; Learned to eliminate Beef and Pork from his diet.  He also is moving towards becoming Vegetarian and/or Veganism

Vegetarian- No meat may have cheese and eggs

Veganism- No meat or animal products

Always acknowledged God in making any decisions.

BARBARA: She used to eat and drink beverages at the same time. As a result, she had problems with indigestion.  Mrs. Gool instructed her to stop drinking during the meal and indigestion stopped


SHIRLEY: Vertigo (dizziness) when to doctor discovered she had vitamin D deficiency.  She is taking supplements and has recovered.  Mrs. Gool encouraged everyone to get some sun and do not use sun screen.


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