On Sunday, September 4th, Pastor Gool held a special Q&A segment after Adult Sunday Night Bible Class. One of the questions asked was "What is the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.  In addition to the explanation he already provided that evening, he also provided this additional insight on the topic during Adult Sunday Night Bible Class this past Sunday (September 11th). Be blessed!

Kingdom – basileia = a realm or a region governed by a king


  1. Found 33 times in the New Testament. (All in Matthew)
  2. First announced by John the Baptist, then by Christ and the Apostles (Matthew 4:17, 10:7) as being at hand.
  3. It’s the Kingdom that God gives to His Son and all the glorified saints He’s prepared it for the righteous before the foundation of the World. (Matthew 25:34)
  4. Kingdom of Heaven – Kingdom from the heavensIt’s a dispensational term and refers to the Messiah’s Kingdom on earth.
  5. In the millennium the Kingdom of Heaven becomes the literal Kingdom of the Son of Man.
  6. It will be established as a separate kingdom from Heaven for the purpose of re-establishing the Kingdom of God on earth forever.
  7. Jesus called it My Kingdom.
    • John 18:36
    • Luke 22:30
  8. It's a lesser term than the Kingdom of God.


  1. It’s the sovereignty of God over the universe and includes the kingdom of heaven and all other realms in the whole universe.
  2. It existed before the creation of the earth and it is moral and universal.  It has existed from the beginning and knows no end. Job 38:4-7
  3. The Kingdom of Heaven is the earthly sphere of the Kingdom of God and in this respect the terms have almost all things in common.