Psalm 143:12 NKJV

In Your mercy cut off my enemies, and destroy all those who afflict my soul, for I am Your servant.

The mercy of God towards some could mean trouble for others. The psalmist David here was dependent on God for the mercy of deliverance from his enemies. If those enemies were in pursuit of him with evil intent, God in His mercy towards David would have to stop them by whatever means was necessary. We want to always be on the right side of mercy. Let us fight or resist the devil, and love and support God's people and not the other way around. It would not be good for God to have to hurt us to protect someone else that we have no business coming against. We do not want to see anyone hurt, but we must understand that deliverance and mercy for one may cause harm to another if the offending party refuses to get out of God's way of caring for His own.

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