Today, let's begin to meditate on the subject of restoration. God is a God of restoration and we should be glad about it.

Genesis 20:7 NKJV

Now therefore, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.”

 The first mention of the word “restore” in the NKJV is in Genesis 20. King Abimelech had taken Sarah into his harem because Abraham referred to her as his sister instead of his wife. God prevented the king from touching Sarah and warned him in a dream to restore Abraham’s wife to him. Abimelech followed God’s instructions and questioned Abraham about his deception in saying that Sarah was his sister. Abraham revealed that he did it out of fear for his life because Sarah was beautiful and he thought they would kill him for her. The concept of the word ”restore” is shown here in that once restoration was done, things returned to what they were like previously. Abraham and Sarah were together and then King Abimelech took Sarah away. After the restoration, Abraham and Sarah were together again. It is always God’s will that things be the way He intended. Whenever His will is altered and He can correct it, God moves in to restore. Let us trust Him for restoration wherever it is possible.

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