Matthew 6:9a NKJV

In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven….

Jesus gave a sample or model prayer for His disciples that began with addressing God as “Our Father in heaven.” God hates selfishness. In all we do and say we must be conscious of our not being alone in this world but being a part of a family. God is not just my Father, He is our Father. When we pray, our prayers must never be selfish. Sometimes people pray for someone else – a spouse, child, friend, etc. and the prayer is for their own benefit more than for the person they are supposedly praying for. If we are asking God to do something for someone so it could benefit us, our prayer will not be heard by God. When we pray for others we must have their needs in mind and not our own. Also we must remember He is our Father in heaven. We have earthly fathers but our eyes must turn toward our heavenly Father as the Source of all we need.

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