Matthew 6:11 NKJV

Give us this day our daily bread.

God wants us to trust Him each day to give us what we need for that day. The daily bread represents sustenance. We do not always know what we need each day. We think we do sometimes but only God knows exactly what we need for each day. So we must look to Him for our spiritual, material and physical needs to be met each day. Why just one day at a time? What would our relationship with God be like if we asked Him to give us what we need for the year and we come back at the beginning of each year to get what we need for 365 days? On the other hand, what would our relationship be like if we came to God each day, casting our cares for the day on Him and totally relying on Him for our needs – some of which we may be unaware of at the time – to be met by Him. We must understand that God is not an idol or robot. He is a person with feelings. He wants us to walk with Him each day and look to Him each day as the source of our total supply. Lord, give me this day what I need to serve you effectively and make it through victoriously. Amen

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