Matthew 21:22 NKJV  

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Jesus taught that if we believe when we pray we will receive. There are 2 ways to believe – with the mind and with the heart. Believing with the mind is based on natural evidence that can be perceived with natural senses. Jesus was obviously talking about believing with the heart. We must feed our spirits with the Word and allow fellowship with the Holy Spirit to strengthen our hearts and increase our confidence in prayer. We must also remove hindrances that would interfere with us being free to believe. It is necessary for us to have God’s Word about what we are praying for and sometimes the leading of the Holy Spirit in cases where we are not certain how to pray. The bottom line is that if all is clear and we ask in prayer believing we will receive. If we do not receive, there was something wrong with our believing, not with God’s ability or willingness to answer.

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