Proverbs 25:4-5 NKJV

Take away the dross from silver, and it will go to the silversmith for jewelry.
Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness.

What a beautiful proverb! Just as precious metals are found in a potential state and the final product waits for the work of the jeweler, so we kings have potential and wait to see what we will become as we put ourselves in the hands of the Master. The silversmith removes the dross from the silver so it can be made into a sparkling piece of jewelry. This proverb tells us that wicked associations are to kings as dross is to silver metal. We cannot hang on to relationships with people who are wicked. That includes relatives and old friends. We do not have to regularly associate with people in order to love them. We must love everyone but carefully select who we allow to hang around us and advise us. When we have eliminated all wicked influence, our thrones will be established in righteousness and we will reign in this earth as God intended.

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