2 Kings 18:31 NKJV

Do not listen to Hezekiah; for thus says the king of Assyria: "Make peace with me by a present and come out to me; and every one of you eat from his own vine and everyone from his own fig tree, and every one of you drink the waters of his own cistern."

The word translated peace in 2 Kings 18:31 refers to an agreement. However it is an offer from a wicked king to the Jews to entice them to surrender their freedom in exchange for living in peace. The king's representative made the deal sound enticing - everyone would have all their needs met and not have to depend on anyone. The only problem is that you can't trust these kind of people who are inspired by the devil. There are many things we can do to live in peace. Making deals with the devil is not one of them. Our pursuit of peace must be in the boundaries of what God has instructed us to do. We must never trust the enemy of our Lord to give us anything good. He offers the world many good things and sometimes he even delivers on his promises. The problem is the side effects of his goodies. It's like some of the pharmaceutical products he has inspired people to make and sell. The side effects are sometimes worse than the condition they are supposed to cure. When Moses decided to follow the call of God, he chose suffering with the people of God rather than enjoying the sinful pleasures of Egypt which he knew had no be lasting benefits. (Hebrews 11:25-26) Yes, we all want to live in peace, but let us rather suffer a while longer and wait for peace to come the right way rather than fall for the devil's shortcut.

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