Psalm 107:35 NKJV

He turns a wilderness into pools of water, And dry land into water springs.

When we think about wilderness and dry land, we see an absence of water or any moisture. In order for these areas to become sources of water, the water has to come from somewhere else. The psalmist said that God worked miracles and caused the wilderness to become pools of water, and water to spring up from dry ground. Just as He did that physically, He can and will do it spiritually. If we find ourselves in a dry place where it seems totally void of water spiritually, we must turn our attention to the Lord and allow Him to remedy the situation. The water of the Word and the Holy Spirit do not transform our dry ground by our carnal efforts. The word without the Spirit can kill us. The Spirit will not function outside of the Word. Only God can mix the two to create pools of water in our wilderness and water springs in our dry land. The pools represent our being refreshed and the water springs represent our being able to refresh others. In order for God to cure our dryness, we must come to Him in desperation, recognizing that our own efforts to remedy our dryness are futile. We just chase after Him and hold on to Him in expectancy until the waters begin to flow.

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